MKE Week 11 – Do I dare to believe?

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Do I dare to believe? How can I not? I am awestruck with all the signs.

My soul brother, and so many others, show me that we have now shifted into New Earth, for real. This is what I asked for back in 1995 and now I cannot deny that things, everything has changed. It has been so long. So many years, so many life times.

Am I really free now? Have I just succeeded in doing what I set out to do? If so, everybody’s free.

Signs are everywhere and all the time. My heart wants to lift and fly. I feel like I cannot share this, it is too big, too grand.

Is this what marc j. promised he would present us with on the fourth?

I remember the first time I read Hill’s “Think and Grow Rich”. It frustrated me that I could not find “the plan” nor my “dmp” and here we are and it is all there.

We persevered, didn’t we?

But what is most amazing this moment is what I am now experiencing with my soul brother whom I have helped and coached for free since we started the MKE.

Give more, get more. Way to go.

I cannot tell you what is going on for him. Only that it looks very, very good.

I feel like I am in a state of shock and I have to keep this all to myself even though my heart feels like it is going to burst open with Joy.

Some of you know exactly what is going on, you feel it. You see it. Perhaps all of you?

In any case, this is a very, very special time to be here and now.

Thank you all.

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  • Yes, we are all free, we have always been free, however it is only when we become aware of it that we can start to really enjoy and share our freedom, and that’s what you are doing, it’s awesome Ann-Charlotte!

  • And thank you, Monica! It is truly priceless to have somebody so close here in Sweden, somebody who also speaks my mother tongue to share this journey with. On top of that, somebody who shares so many similar experiences as well as very hard experiences that both of us have persevered through. I am so very grateful to have you as my very special MM partner and look forward to what we are about to manifest together with great anticipation and excitement. Love and blessings!

  • Thank you for the masterminding today, Ann-Charlotte! Yes, indeed, a lot of good things happen now, for many reasons and in many levels. I am grateful for you doing this journey right now and right here, and I’m grateful for being a part of it thru our masterminding. Yes, give more, get more!

  • Hi Ann-Charlotte, So exciting to hear your heart wants to lift and fly because of what you are applying to your life. You’re doing great.

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