MKE Week 11 – Abandon the Things that don’t Serve You

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The other day I was tweezing my eyebrows and I realized I wasn’t using my best pair of tweezers because I tried and I tried and I couldn’t grab a hair to save my life!

It dawned on me that these were completely useless and so I threw them back in the drawer among many others in a small basket and proceeded to find the pair that works.

As I finished my task, I suddenly realized that I just threw a completely ineffective tool back in my ‘tool’ drawer. Did I really think it would suddenly become useful one day after spending enough time in there?

I started to think about how often I do the same thing with pens. I’ll go to the pen drawer and try a pen which doesn’t work and then throw it back in the drawer as I search for one that does. The inefficiency of this method is astounding.

This requires that I must go through the same process each time I look for a workable pen. If I would just toss the pen that doesn’t work into the trash, I could trust that the next time I reach for a pen, it has a higher likelihood of working!

It was then that I had an epiphany; this inefficiency is playing out in my thoughts in the same way. If there’s a thought in my mind that doesn’t serve me, I’ll exchange it for another, but I won’t take authority over the negative thought. I’ll just put it back in the drawer of my mind. It’s as if I think that somehow with time that it will eventually become a useful thought. Why would I do that? That literally doesn’t make any sense.

I was reminded that I must declare over that negative thought, “This thought is a lie. It is not serving me. I reject this thought, lock it up and throw away the key”. I may have to do this more than once but as long as I replace the lie with the TRUTH, and put away the lie, it will eventually become a more efficient system and those truth thoughts become more automatic. Because, as we’ve learned, it’s all about the neural pathways.

It’s like a path across the grass, the more I travel the path of truth, the more my inner self recognizes the pathway and beckons me to it.

And then I opened the trash can and dropped the useless tweezers into the abyss never to be seen by me again. And it felt great!

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  • love it – into the trash abyss those useless (to you) tweezers go 🙂
    Thanks for the inspiration for a great theme for a sit – hope you’ve enjoyed a great MKE week

  • I came to the same conclusion not long ago, if it’s costing time or money and getting little or nothing out of it, it’s time to make a change.

  • Incredible insight, Teresa! And now that you’ve seen it, and shared with us, none of us can “unsee” it – great example of taking useless or harmful thoughts captive and banishing them to the ash heap!

  • I love this blog post Teresa! Perfect example of applying the knowledge that members gain from engaging in the MasterKey experience. Hanging onto dull tweezers or negative thoughts….#no more!!

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