MKE Week 11 – A Matter of Trust

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This week if you felt a huge tremor shake under your feet, that wasn’t an earthquake….it was the huge piece of cement that fell off me and crashed to the ground! This is thanks to the aha moment that occurred when I re-listened to this weeks’ webinar. I don’t know how I missed it the first time around, but when I heard Mark talk about TRUST, how it is “the only currency that counts” and that it is built off of character which leads to self confidence….it hit me like a brick so hard that’s how the chunk of cement fell off!

Being a huge Billy Joel fan, some of the lyrics of “A Matter of Trust” started playing in my head and moved me in a way it never did before…..

“Now I know you’re an emotional girl
It took a lot for you to not lose your faith in this world.
Well, I can’t offer you proof
But you’re gonna face a moment of truth.
It’s hard when you’re always afraid.
You just recovered when another belief is betrayed.
So break my heart if you must.
It’s a matter of trust.”

I was moved to tears and I related to my inner child who lost faith not only in this world but in herself along the way, dusting herself off, to only be betrayed again

I realized that lack of trust is what I have been lacking and what has been getting in the way of me accomplishing my goals and completing my plan of action steps. I learned at a very young age not to trust; that people who are supposed to love and protect actually neglect and hurt. This bled into me not trusting anyone in my life and engaging in self-sabotaging behavior to the point where I didn’t trust myself. I didn’t trust myself to finish what I start; to do what I say I’m going to do; to be successful, etc. I realize now that this is the old blueprint / peptide addiction that I need to replace with my new blueprint. And it starts with me continuing the simple habits listed on my index cards and to PERSIST until I succeed!

I am resilient….I will persist…I will win

Meet Stefanie Hoffa

Stefanie is from SE Pennsylvania, a mother of three girls in college, who has a passion for helping women overcome their past and BECOME the women they were meant to be. She has a passion for health and wellness and loves spending time outdoors on the motorcycle with her fiance, Jake. Although a predominant Red who loves progress, Stefanie thinks of herself more as a "Purple" as she is almost as equally a Blue who values deep relationships with a splash of Yellow who loves to have fun, especially dancing!

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  • Hi Stefani, Thank you so much for this creative post that really drove home a main thing in life, Trust! I love how this journey with MKE emphasizes the mini habits, the 1% progression which is building our trust. I just had to share this…xoxo

  • Thank you for your trust in me. It was great meeting you this weekend- the first of many. Congratulations for garnering post of the week.

  • Beautiful blog Stefanie! I love the bit about the earthquake caused by cement chipping off your golden Buddha- awesome visual!

  • Thank you Monica! I’m realizing the more open and vulnerable we can be, the more we can help others.

  • Thank you Teresa! Yes, I am a big fan of Ed Mylett as well! I was doing well with the daily action steps when it was about our inner world, but began to lose consistency when we had to list traction activities. It shows me that I needed to make some tweaks to my PPN’s and now that I know trust was my issue, I am confident that my consistency will rise to the extent the trust in myself rises.

  • I can relate to your balance of colors and where you are going! Thank you for all your encouraging words and great participation in the MasterKey Experience!

  • Thank you for sharing so vulnerably, openly and honestly, Stefanie! And congrats for that tremendous leap on your Hero’s Journey!

  • Congratulations on such a huge revelation, Steph. Can’t wait to read about what else comes along on your amazing journey. Be true to you!!

  • That is fantastic, Stefanie. Thank you so much. I can relate to every word as a huge chunk of cement fell off here too. You go girl!! xoxo

  • I can so relate to everything you said in this blog post Stephanie! Wow! I am learning to engage in the same level of trust with others and myself.

    I remember what Ed Mylett said in Week 10 or 11; he said the best way to grow self confidence is do to the things you told YOURSELF you would do. Whoa, that one really got to me.

    I can be true to everyone else but myself but thanks to MKE, I’m learning to TRUST me. It’s good to be on this journey with you.

  • Thank you, Heather! Yes, I feel you! I’ve known for a long time that I struggled with self esteem, but never related that to TRUSTING myself until now. We got this, my friend!

  • Thank you so much for this Stephanie. I can so relate to everything you are saying. Now I understand my feeling of abandonment which is just another form of mistrust has also caused me to not believe in myself and has broke my self esteem to the bone. This is so encouraging.

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