MKE Week 18 – When Self Is In Control

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I title this blog as “when self is in control” because I dug deep to work on self control with the Franklin Makeover this week and yet my subconscious still found a way to drag me through the old blueprint. Ugh.

I caught myself smiling a lot at the beginning of this week. It’s funny, but there is such great energy in a smile. And that energy expands when you connect with someone else who smiles because you smiled at them. I love it.

It also feels like each moment of the day has a great opportunity to share a connection with others. I am definitely more aware of that connection when I smile and share good energy out in the world. I love it and when I feel it flowing I just want to be more kind, be more helpful and more productive with everyone as I go along.

This week my virtue to focus on was self control. And I experienced both ends of it… a lack of control and of being extremely in control.

It feels like my subconscious is still really testing me with how much control I have over my thoughts and behavior.

Even when I’ve done really well like I mentioned I did this week, after a few days I feel a huge drop in energy (like burnout) that whisks me to the other end of the spectrum and I have to push to stay focused or be run over by the burnout. The ups and downs are like being on a roller coaster.

I noticed on my high energy days, I was super positive and it was easy to make decisions and knock out tasks on my list. I admit I was not a very good guardian at the gate with my thoughts on the low energy days though.

The days when I let my old blueprint run the show and I feel all the feels of burnout, I was a mess. I lost my patience easily, I got angry with my children and I didn’t do what I said I was going to do.

I finally got fed up with the old blueprint pushing me around after feeling down and out and I opened up my notebook and drafted a new version of DMP that aligns with more of what I want to accomplish this year. It felt amazing to script it out and submit it!

This proves that when I choose to be in control I CAN do what I say I promised to do.

Meet Sarah Krug

Sarah considers herself a creative free spirit who loves to live in the moment. She has a passion for knitting, making music, being her own boss and enjoys living on the coast of Southern NJ with her husband and 4 children.

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  • Thank you for sharing your Hero’s Journey, Sarah! Just embrace every moment of it because be sure whether it’s up or down it’s just perfect, and as it should be, as it has its own reason to exist. You are doing great being an observer on every moment and acting on it. A true Hero!

  • I’m guessing one of your promises was to catch up with your blogging, Sarah, because that’s what you’re obviously doing, Yes! 🙂

  • Bravo bravo Sarah!! You are being the objective Observer of your thoughts and actions. What a gift to give ourselves. Kudos for recognizing your growth and the times when things appeared more difficult. Consider giving yourself grace as you experience the highs, the lows, and all the in-between of your Hero’s Journey.
    I too love the power and connection of Smiles! Thanks for the reminder of how a simple gesture like a genuine smile can be such a positive impact on ourselves and others.

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