MKE Week 18 – The Power of Thoughts

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This last Sunday I was blessed to spend some time with my 15 year old daughter, just her and I. I had a chance to talk to her about past and present relationships and tried to help her navigate how she should be approaching her thoughts on the present boy she has had a substantial relationship with online and in texting.

I shared with her the power of the mind and how a young woman healed herself with her thoughts. This woman was pregnant and only had months to live because her kidneys were failing. She got a visitor at the hospital and convinced her that she could heal herself. She spent everyday imagining her daughter growing up and her being by her side throughout every major event in her daughter’s life. She did heal herself. I shared with my daughter that she had that same power.

When I described how I had followed the river of dreams in my own life without a lot of intentional powerful thought I got what was dished up not what my mind could create for me.
As we cried through some painful memories and she understood what I was telling her. On our drive home she had already started a list of all the attributes she would like her partner in life to have. This was magical. I have started the process of helping her become an independent thinker.

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  • Wow Heather! What a gift you are sharing with your daughter! She is truly blessed. It will be amazing to watch her life unfold with a lot less cement than we have had. Bravo!

  • Pure gold! Thank you for sharing this personal experience. Being a self-directed thinker is so important and love that you’re instilling this in your daughter now.

  • Thank you Heather for sharing this. I will definitely be instilling these values in my daughter!

  • What a wonderful example you are to your daughter. This will be a treasured memory in both of your lives.

  • I love that, Heather. It is wonderful to have such a good relationship with your daughter, and so valuable for her to have your encouragement.

  • Yes, Heather, and maybe first and foremost is PMA — a positive mental attitude. Fantastic Week 18 blog! 🙂

  • Heather, this is just pure magic! Thank you so much for sharing! This is exactly why we pretty much give this course away… great relationships, great impact, helping people see their power to create a life of love. I so appreciate you sharing this experience!!

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