MKE Week 18 – The Greatest Salesman

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Have I made the sale to become the greatest salesman in the world? No. Will I eventually make the sale? I will. When? I’m not sure, but progress is being made. Is the sale taking longer than I would like? Absolutely.

Persistence will get me to the sale. However long it takes, I will continue to sell myself to myself. I see progress. I am becoming more aware of the obstacles stopping the sale. I am attacking them all the time with the tools provided by MKE.

I am also taking baby steps on my own. I am doing things that I previously would not have done. For instance, I went to a Chamber of Commerce onboarding meeting. I did not know anyone there.

I decided to go, and as the day came closer, I was becoming more reluctant to attend. I had promised myself I was going to the meeting. I went to the meeting, and it was very nice. Everyone there was very friendly. After the presentation was over, there was time to mingle. I interacted with a few people, an important improvement from what I would typically do. In the past, I would have just left after the presentation.

I then became a member of the Chamber of Commerce. I just signed up for an event at an art gallery in Waikiki on the 22nd of February.

Here is a description of the event. Start the new year by expanding your professional network, getting noticed, learning about new opportunities, and meeting interesting people.

I have eleven days until the event. I am already nervous about it. It only lasts two hours, and I will go. I know that I will not want to walk in the door when I get there. I promised myself I was going to the event. I am going to walk in the door.

I also know that I will feel more comfortable after a few minutes. I know I will not die. I know the people in there will be open and friendly. I know I will have a good time, or at least not a horrible time. I also know this will build my confidence in social situations where I don’t know anyone.

This is a big step for me.

Will this me get the greatest sale in the world? Maybe not. It will get me closer to the sale. I will make the sale. Maybe this month or the next, or this year. It doesn’t matter because I will persist until I become the Greatest Salesman in the World.

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  • I was at a seminar and we had to walk along one of those wires 2 stories in the air. I am afraid of heights. I took a step on the wire and froze. A friend below knew I rode horses and said “Just drop your stirrup,” and I did each step of the wire. Find your stirrup and stand in who you are meant to be.

  • Great strides, John! That comfort zone is being expanded, never to return to it’s old boundaries. (Wouldn’t be at all surprised if many others there feel or felt similarly.)

  • That is a major transcendence of your self John!
    I am so pleased for you that you are feeling to tackle and overcome your nervousness. Great blog!

  • I love it, persist until you succeed! And I love that you are going to the networking event. Good for you:)

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