MKE Week 18 – Redemption is My Story

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It took a couple of days. I had read Scroll 5 multiple times and had been reading the obituaries for the past week or so. Something new started to sink into my mind. I began to ponder what my last day on this earth might look like…

It’s not like I hadn’t thought about it before. Since beginning of this class, I have mused about how I would leave this earth and what I want to be remembered for. It’s not something people often talk about and yet I found myself here because of the mental work and meditations on our DMPs just a few weeks in.

I’ve spent a lot of time listening to rich and melodious music and allowing my mind to escape to where it wants to go naturally as I focus on my DMP. There were several times I visited a place that caught me raw and ugly crying. Not because it was sad, but because it was so incredibly beautiful.

It was like a movie. The day was sunny, warm, and breezy. I could hear the wind in the trees. The birds were softly singing to the music, and everyone was so happy. My heart was walking around, outside of my body in various forms. Some were barely crawling, and some were old and gray. Some were laughing and others were singing, often together in a beautiful harmony. Each one happily served the others with gratitude in their hearts. When they smiled at one another, there was a twinkle in their eyes. They couldn’t help but feel the tapestry of love we shared. Each one part of the whole. At sunset, we all held on to one another as I drifted home.

Redemption is my favorite. My favorite books and movies have a redemptive ending. My Best Friend has Redeemed me forever. Redemption is a glorious, triumphant symphony of healing and restoration. However, my personal redemptive story was once just a hope and a dream. It was so very far away.

Now, it’s my NEW REALITY.

Redemption is MY story.

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  • Go forward in your redemption and leave the baggage behind. I was enjoying the energy until you went backwards. A glorious and triumphant symphony!!!

  • Teresa, it is so powerful to be redeemed. So powerful and healing both mentally and physically!

  • Beautiful Teresa! So thrilled you are giving yourself permission to experience your new reality right now and embracing your Hero’s Journey.

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