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This week gave me more proof that the MKE works, just not for the participants but for everyone who uses the principles taught.

I got to see it first hand this week with my good friend Alicia. She has been working a job for almost 18 years (come this May 2023,) and she has been thinking about a new job to give her more time with her young kids, 1 in primary school and 1 going into high school next year. She has always made her kids her main priority, and our many conversations on what I do has always made for interesting conversations. I have always been one of her #1 cheer fans. “You go girl!” has been a common cheer from me.

She said she was thinking about looking for a new job because she didn’t want to be 20 years at the same job. As a manager at a Domino’s store, she has been a local celebrity to support the many employees, school events and the various events that are important to the community at large. She has always responded with smiles, love and “how can I help?” attitude.

What has happened to Alicia to my joy, was a conversation with a lady who we have done lots of fundraising for stopped her in the grocery store. After a small chit chat conversation, the topic of what else is going on with Domino’s led to a different talk where Alicia was told about a fundraising job with the local school board (which is right up her skill set and connections,) and would give her the time to spend with her children.

When I asked her what her thoughts were of this opportunity, she told me it was so unexpected and out of left field. I told her it was totally obvious to me and this was the cumulation of everything she has done. She looked surprised at me, but I said how else could this happen.

She was looking for something else that she could make a difference – fundraising for a school board to support the various events and needs of the community. CHECK

She was starting to look for a new job – enter someone who has used Alicia as a fundraising source. CHECK
Knowing people within the board area – Alicia has supported many new Domino’s franchises that have opened in the district. CHECK.

Would she be able to spend more time with her kids during the summer days and holidays – teachers schedule so, CHECK.

Would you get a pension and benefits to support your kids at a time where they need it – absolutely. CHECK

But this has all came about with Alicia putting herself out there, in the universe. Something that she really didn’t understand what I was doing with MKE, but as I sit and think, she knows more about the cause and effect than she knows but I see. That’s the Master Key way. If your willing to observe.

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  • It is great to see the benefits of letting the universe know what you want, even if you do not know how it works.

  • Thank you for sharing this lovely and inspiring story about your friend Alicia. It comes to my mind that the change in your own energies, with eye openers, new possibilities and you going all in with the MKE, has an effect on everybody around you as well. What you give yourself, you also give others. Ripple effect.

  • Way to be the observer Michael! So happy for your friend Alicia. My hunch is you have been applying & living the MKE principles and by example, have been a wonderful inspiration for Alicia to model, even if she didn’t realize it herself. The positive ripple effect of living the Master Key Principles is endless! Thanks for sharing this with all of us!

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