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This week we entered into the Scroll Marked V. There seemed to be a mystery as to why we were informed to read an obituary every day the week prior. It’s an interesting thing to think about the end of this life as we know it. But to really think about what you would do, how would you act, who would you spend the time with if you happened to know with certainty when the last day of your life would be.

Even more so, consider if you knew a few weeks in advance, or months? Perhaps if you knew you had exactly 1 year left, how would you spend that year living? What would you worry about, or not worry about? What would you eat, where would you go, what would you experience with the time you have left? What’s interesting is most people, if not all, would most likely be doing something that they aren’t currently doing with their time and that’s really unfortunate.

Yes, we all have responsibilities and have to do certain things to make sure we are able to provide for ourselves and possibly family members, but at the end of the day, if we aren’t at least doing something that moves us towards the absolute life we want, then what are we really doing here anyway?

For myself, I have admittedly spent too much time drifting through this life and not enough time making a difference. My journey of improving myself has been the past 4.5 years give or take, and it wasn’t until recently that I realized even most of that time was spent wastefully as the needle didn’t move nearly as much as was possible for me. In fact I’d really say it’s been less than a year that there has been real intention and desire to become that best version of me and I’m happy with the progress but still know there is a whole lot more I can give.

I now wake up with enjoyment inside me to see what the day may bring and what I am able to accomplish within it. I don’t always get everything I want to do done, and it’s important in those times to not beat ourselves up for falling short. At the same time it’s an opportunity to learn, why didn’t I get the things done that I wanted to today? What was the obstacle and how important was it that it knocked me off my intended path? Learn, make the key adjustments, and get better and before you know it, the impact you created is much bigger than you ever dreamed.

Peace be the Journey!

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  • “I now wake up with enjoyment within me”, does it get any better? Congratulations to you. I know a lot of people who would love to say that about themselves.

  • Great blog Dan! You are applying the skill of being the objective observer..recognizing your growth and gaining clarity on your path forward. Bravo for making the connection between Obituary reading and Scroll V. Cheering you on as you keep engaging with the mental exercises.

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