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I am moving forward. No matter what happens, the moving forward continues. I know that I am not the same person who I was. I am aware of the changes and there are times that things come up and I take a step back. However, I surprise myself and my friends are surprised in the changes they see in me. It is a journey that takes time to take the cement off but it is coming off.

I am so grateful even when things are not going well as it reminds me to stop and appreciate what I have. I am appreciative that all of this makes me continue to think, change and move forward. I spend less time in being upset, angry, etc. I re-frame and keep moving forward.

Smiling more, being more present, keeping my patience when reminding my youngest for the umpteenth time to clean his room. Getting more hugs. Being more appreciative of my husband and everything he does for me. He sees the changes and encourages me or even reminds me when I stumble.

I am taking the time I need now moving forward to take care of health. Realizing that I am not indestructible and that I need respect where I am at. My friend was shocked that I am grateful for my health issues. I explained that my health issues help me to be more aware and in my learning process I am helping others so I am all right with that. Who would have thought I would be grateful in this situation?

I am and this helps me move forward.

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  • Your sounding or I am sounding more like you! Keep on moving Forward! We can handle anything! And for sure we are the solution too! Well said and written blog! Thank you, once again for keeping it simple.

  • Suzette, thank you for sharing your perspective in how you were able to take your health challenges with a gratitude. What a powerful testimony to yourself and others around you for all the hard mental labor you have been putting in over the last several months! Way to go!

  • Congrats Suzette!! You are fully ending in the Master Key Experience and seeing the value in the mental labor. Making changes to your inner thoughts has produced a new reality that you are creating and enjoying more. So happy for you! I can identify with becoming aware of the importance of my self care. Thanks for the reminder!

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