MKE Week 18 – I CHOOSE Happiness!

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We have all been conditioned to believe that “happiness comes after success”, but what happens when your idea of success keeps shifting? Will you ever be happy?

This week, I learned that in order to create lasting positive change, one must express gratitude, journal, exercise, meditate, and participate in random acts of kindness. But, our actions are based on habit and not knowledge so if I don’t do these things consistently then I’m back to square one yet, whatever we focus on grows.

So, we are encouraged to “focus on being happy and not depressed”, but how can one focus on being happy when everything desired seems out of reach because the whole world is crumbling down?

I discovered one simple answer: CHOOSE. We all have the ability to CHOOSE happiness. I CHOOSE happiness! At the end of the day, nothing in this world matters because we eventually cease to exist when we die. Only if I want my legacy to live on after me by helping to do God’s work on this earth will my soul be let in through the pearly gates of heaven.

All the material things, money, what he did, what she said, it means nothing. What truly matters is this present moment and being the person I want to be right now! If I want to be a millionaire, I must do the things a millionaire would do. Eat the things a millionaire would eat. Visualize myself in my millionaire home spending quality time with my millionaire family. And at the same time-give everything away.

I learned this giveaway tip from one of my Master Key Alliance Partners, who gave me $1200 to help me fund my trip to my retreat in Hawaii with my family. He barely knows me or my family, yet in his generous giving, I couldn’t help but feel so much gratitude and motivation to make more so I could be in a position to give back to someone else in need.

Little did he know that a few days prior, I was trying to figure out how to pay my rent. I’ve always believed that God will provide for us so even as I was spending whatever money I had to buy groceries and gas as usual, I knew my rent would get paid. I never expected it to come from someone I barely know through MKE.

I live in gratitude and prayer daily. I have been exercising 3x a week. I bought two meals for a stranger asking me for money to buy food outside of a restaurant even though I needed every penny for my bills.

I still paid my babysitter even though I needed that money for rent because I knew she needed it more than me. I have been exercising 3x a week and I started my “One minute with God” journal again. I just have to tackle my sits.

That part of me has a triple cement layer that’s been breaking off slowly. I believe in this MKE work because I am different from when I first started. I CHOOSE to THINK POSITIVE and I CHOOSE to be happy! I wish the same for everyone else. #happinessisachoice!

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  • That’s awesome Hanalei – I love that you are making a conscious choice, and being grateful for the blessings around you. Yay!

  • Bravo Hanalei! So grateful for your blog and sharing your growth with us. Way to be the observer and celebrate your progress in creating the Life you truly want. I choose Happiness too!

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