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The battle continues. Old behaviors are slowing me down, but the wonderful thing is I’ve found a new voice that is talking to me. It says, “dude you are amazing, keep it up”, “I persist until I succeed, “If despair should infect me, I will toil and I will endure” “today is a new day” etc.

I truly believe I am fighting for my life, and even though I have a therapist and a psychiatrist (overshare?), this experience has been 100x more effective than both. Even though it’s slow going for me, I’m so truly GRATEFUL

I don’t feel the way I used to, and for once I am proud of myself for hanging in there, and so is my guide Candy who I adore.

One thing I need to work on is engaging with people on here. I’ve started to contribute more in the Polo’s, and will start sharing in the member’s area because this insane work is changing your lives too and I do read the blogs and alliances I just don’t comment very often. Still trying to work on not being an island, haha and I have another program I do that helps me connect with people.

I watched “I Am” this week and ever since I learned before that we are all connected, our collective consciousness contributes to how people feel around the world, and even global warming and weird weather perhaps???? Very interesting.

However I still want “the things” like a beautiful house, cars and world travel. I just grew up like that and I’m used to it and it’s fun and calming to have options and something to look forward to, especially if I can pay for all of it with my money 🙂

Did anyone cringe on page 76?? “I will fondle my children while they are still young”???? Seriously bad choice of words OGdamn!

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  • Way to be the observer Laura and recognize your own growth. I agree, Candy is a very caring and effective Guide. So glad you are engaging in the course- keep the focus one day at a time.

  • I am proud of you and I adore you as well. But You are the one doing all the work <3 I'm just the supports beams when needed

  • So glad you’re finding great things in the course, Laura. Funny thing about reading older material like Og. Language and words meant something different when he wrote it. For example, the word “gay” was not associated with homosexuality at the time. Instead of choosing to cringe, I choose to look at the meaning of the word he intended back then, “to touch gently and in a loving way”. Meanwhile, keep connecting and growing. I can’t wait to see what else unfolds for you!!

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