MKE Week 18 – Am I Only Dreaming?

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Am I Only Dreaming?

I watched the movie, I Am. LOVED the movie, from the beginning. It addressed materialism in our culture, then contrasted the indigenous cultures and differences with the concept of ownership. The film actually addressed many issues in our culture.

The one thing that struck me was toward the end of the movie; there was a scene where there were measuring vibrational energy in a dish of yogurt. What was interesting was the yogurt picked up the frequency and vibration of the main person in the room. There was no contact physically; it happened energetically.

As I thought about this, my mind took me back to a conversation I had with a friend years ago. Over coffee, I shared how I wondered if no matter our political beliefs, religious differences, race, or economic background, we could all just hold hands, with a heart of gratitude, focus on respecting each other and the world could live in peace. My friend laughed at me. Called me a dreamer.

I loved the yogurt test because it made me think that energetically WE COULD change the frequency of our planet and at the same time change ourselves.

Call me idealistic, unrealistic, or a dreamer, but after watching that scene in the movie it gave me HOPE. It is possible that one day the planet can change energetically. What if all those prayer ministries, people praying 24/7 all over the world really did help to heal the earth?

What would happen if the whole world, no matter what religion, race, or economic status, all focused at the exact same time for a period of time, on love and peace? Couldn’t that energy change the planet? Wouldn’t every living entity be able to feel the difference?

Could healing the earth be as easy as that? I certainly don’t know all the answers, but it is something worth pondering. Who would not want a more peaceful and loving planet to live on? Let’s all do our part; focus your thoughts on love and respect for the other person. Who is with me on this?

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  • Thanks for Sharing Terri! This is beautiful, and you are bang on, not a dreamer. Kindness week really put it into perspective for us, we can change the vibration and ripple effect <3

  • Hey Teri, I love this! I was just told about the Japanese scientist who looked at water consciousness as an experiment. It reminds me of the yogurt vibrations you had mentioned. Look him up I think you would be fascinated what he found. Water Experiment By Dr. Masaru Emoto

  • I’m with you, Terri! Who knows how much negative energy vibration we can cancel out with one positive thought! :-

  • Hi Terri. It is definitely something worth pondering. Every living creature would definitely feel the difference. On our journey to removing the cement.

  • We cannot wait to watch that movie!
    I agree with you 100% Terri!
    Our thoughts.
    Fire & Wire.
    Our energy……it’s all so amazing & powerful. So many people do not understand or KNOW themselves enough to know what lies dormant within them. As a believer I know my capabilities through Christ, but I didn’t realize the depth of exactly HOW POWERFUL & CAPABLE He made me….us all… be. I believe, together, we can change anything for the better.

  • Your blog reminded me of our kindness week and how powerful our energy was when we were all focusing on the same thing.

  • I agree 100% regarding Master Key. I feel really new to the experience, just barely learning to jog. Please know I am in this marathon.

  • I am with you Terri! I believe applying the Master key principles we are doing our part to energetically bring harmony and peace to our planet. Did you feel a positive energy shift during Kindness week? I sure did. So grateful for the Master Key community and being part of the mission to share it with others! Great blog!

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