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I have to admit that for some reason I’m still finding a lack of organization regarding the list of items to do each day and week. At times its overwhelming. I am in the midst of replacing my multi-tasking habit with my focus on one task at a time habit. I realize that the former is not very effective and although I get lots done, it is half-a$$ed. I bought a new 2023 planner and it allows for time blocking – I KNOW this will be helpful for me to better plan out my day.

I love the mini Dream Board. Outside my home office, I see a green triangle (real estate income), a blue bin outside of a neighbour’s house (stock options trading income), a yellow rectangle bench in the park (my trips and motorcycling fun) and lastly my red pencil sharpener (my goal date to become a snowbird). Bring it on!!

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  • Thank you for sharing Loriann. It’s nice to know that I am not alone on this venture and other people are just as unorganized as me. Lol.

  • I love how you recognized your challenge of organization and came up with a planner as a solution, instead of getting stuck or quitting even though it feels overwhelming. Great job!

  • Thank God for the planners! I can so much relate to your multi tasking habit. Great self observation of you, seeing that you benefit more from an one task at a time habit. And I love your observations of forms and colors as well.

  • I love my daily planner – it really helps me, I’m sure it will help with your challenges as well!!

  • It can get overwhelming but you sound like you are tackling it all with enthuuusiam. Bring it on for sure Loriann.

  • So happy to see you still persevering and keeping a positive mental attitude! Celebrate that! I have moments of overwhelm too, and notice I am getting better at enjoying the journey and not worrying so much about “getting it all right” — red marker syndrome is fading more and more.

  • Thanks for sharing this. I love that you’re using a blue bin as a trigger for stock options trading income. Great stuff!

  • Good job, Loriann, not letting the overwhelm swallow you, and continuing to move forward with MKE. Thanks for being the second to get your Week 8 published! 🙂

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