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This week I noticed a new tendency in me. This came as a surprise. I found myself checking every thought going on in my head. To my surprise there is too much negativity in there.

I have struggled all day because I couldn’t believe what’s going on there. It’s scary and at the same time there’s this kind voice in me that says I should keep on pushing.

Not easy but I promise to do it anyway. Did I not say I always keep my promise this morning?

After almost a week of checking my thoughts, I have to admit that this may be the hardest work in the world, probably because I am learning this after years of bad habits. Years spent at school and university seem wasted compared to this new teaching I am involved in.

If only someone took the time to teach this when I was younger, I believe my life could have been different. But anyway, let me focus on what is ahead as I have a feeling that this is taking me places.

When I started writing this blog, I needed to choose between talking about the change that is happening bit by bit inside of me or about the no TV experience.

I think I will just talk about both. I don’t how but the no TV experience has been easier than expected for me. As my wife likes to say, I am a kind of addicted to TV, especially sports and politics. To my surprise, all this week not even once I felt the need to watch it. I didn’t even miss it.

So, I wonder if this also is the result of this Hannel thing. I like the experience because it shows that I am taking back my freedom from the world without, while focusing more and more on the world within where all power lies. This is great.

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  • Great job with yourself, being a self directed observer and also trusting the process with daily habits. As you have noticed and mentioned in your blog, the rewards are showing up more and more and your true self is unfolding even more. Thank you for sharing so openly. Sharing is caring as they say!

  • Great Blog Aubin,
    I enjoyed reading this and hearing where you are at. I never really thought I was as negative as I was, and then I was twice as surprised when I started listening to the inside voice and realized that she was even more negative, but more to myself. I am still working on that part.

  • Fabulous Aubin! You are so right – this is the education that matters! You are doing the work:)

  • Nice work Aubin, you feel good I am sure. See you on the next blog where you find more improvements coming your way.

  • Thank you for sharing your experiences this week, Aubin. Sounds like you’re making some awesome progress. Well done!

  • Bravo Aubin! You are being the Objective Observer and becoming aware of your thoughts. As you shared in your blog, not such an easy thing to do for most all of us at first. We can remember how Scroll I encourages us: any act with practice becomes easy. We are cheering you on Aubin. Great blog describing your growth.

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