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“I know that.”

I’ve studied the type of info in MKE for literally decades, when I discovered Joseph Murphy’s book “Your Infinite Power to be Rich.” And I have to say these principles work. So, my “intellectual” self seems satisfied that I can put my feet up and relax through it all from now on.

However, my “intellectual self” also knows that there is a big difference between knowing in the mind and feeling in the heart. When both are integrated and working in harmony, then miracles happen. Releasing limiting beliefs, which are pretty much just ghosts of the past, opens the floodgates.

So, what I’ve discovered is simple:
1. Acquire knowledge (Master Key)
2. Connect knowledge with feeling ( enthusiasm, celebrating success)
3. Release limiting beliefs (be present, ask yourself “What is happening now”)

Enjoy everyone!

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  • Thank you for sharing this MJ! I really liked that question to ask your self: “What is happening now?” To be that self observer really opens up to your true self.

  • Mary, you have taken the complex and made it so simple. Amazing insights with your wealth of experience!!

  • Mary, what you stated “big difference between knowing in the mind and feeling in the heart.” once this happens as you stated all comes together.

  • Informative blog MJ! Great reminder that knowledge alone does not apply itself. Asking ourselves “What is happening now?” is a great question to help us be present. Timely reminder with the holidays approaching.

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