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Week 8 was so powerful, all the tools we need to fulfill our DMP is all thought within this incredible MKE system! Starting with Week 1 and progressing to what we now have learned!

To discover that where I am in life is all because of my thoughts , and all I have to do is change them and be on the path to my DMP? Sounds simple, but my thoughts don’t always cooperate, so at first I was a bit overwhelmed by that, but now I am out of my mind excited about it!

The 7 laws are the playbook for whatever experiences I face. I can attach a feeling to any thought! I can use the law of substitution to derail a negative thought, and I can use relaxation to stir my creativity and find answers. I have the tools to replace old peptides and create new ones and because of these tools everything is possible!

That’s right Self! Everything is Possible and continuing the Persistent Practice that Produces Perfect Presentations, I continue to present to me and with confidence, create the life I was meant to live!! Whoohoo!!!

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  • Change your thoughts and change your life. Forgive and you shall be forgiven. Use it or lose it- sometimes you want to lose it on purpose.

  • Great and inspiring Maria! Yes, the 7 laws is extremely powerful tools! And even more powerful when we use them daily as habits without effort in all sorts of situations.

  • Maria,
    This is awesome! I really like your reference to the Laws. Its true how much power we have. Yet how many times we say, I can’t help it, it’s just me. Not anymore. I can change that feeling 🙂 Thank you for always sharing. I love reading them.

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