MKE Week 8 – No Negativity?! I thought that No Opinions was difficult.

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A few weeks ago, we were asked to not have or express opinions, essentially, biting our tongues and just listening, being an observer. This week, NO NEGATIVITY! The goal is to go 7 days. Once a negative comment comes up or is expressed and the thought lasts for a few seconds, you must start counting all over again.

Opinion week was difficult at the beginning, yet, towards the week, it got easier, well, easier to catch myself in an opinion state and just stop mid sentence. I continue to do my best to not give my opinion. I’m getting used to it and find it rather freeing.

Although myself, close friends, and colleagues consider me to be, do, express, and emote with positivity, this no negativity is much more difficult than no opinions, especially when politics/midterm elections and sporting events are upon us, and every time I swear (I’m doing my best to curb that). I was lucky to go an hour before I had to reset. It gets better when I’m not at work, when the TV is turned off, when I’m keeping busy, involved in an activity that I love doing (working a dance competition, doing Reiki on someone, etc.), and doing my MKE exercises.

I should do well today through the weekend, as I am working a dance competition. Outside of the politics of ballroom, it’s kept to a minimal at this one, I should be good to go. Keep on telling myself- no opinions, no negativity.

It’s all for the best!

That’s about it for now.

See you next week.

Meet Leonard Diana

Leonard is from Hartford, CT, a Reiki Master Teacher/Holistic Practitioner, helping people feel and get better physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.  His second passion is dance and officiating at ballroom dance competitions.  As a Heart-Centered Yellow/Blue, he loves spending time with family, friends, and colleagues, and  is enjoying the Master Keys Experience.

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  • Way to go Len!! I feel the same way!! and It is a continuous work in progress! Thanksgiving was a true test!!

  • You’re doing it Leonard! Practice, practice, practice….and from the way I see it, it is something we will be practicing and refining for the rest of our lives…a new way of living….enjoy the journey!

  • Great observations around NO NEGATIVITY. And fantastic recognition of what can cause the negative to sneak in.

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