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What a great week this has been on self-discovery and learning about myself. I have been on a DMP ponder for some time, wondering exactly what it should be and how I word the document. Many long and sits I had, thinking about what exactly “what was holding me back?” This is where the week became very interesting.

As I looked over and read my DMP, I was struggling to put down what exactly was my sacrifice and how I was going to move past it. The more I thought about it, the less clear the answer seemed to be. It was starting to be my personal Groundhog Day. If you have never seen the movie with Bill Murray, he was stuck on February 2nd and lived the day over and over. Quite funny to watch, but when you’re trying to get some clarity it becomes less funny and more frustrating.

I kept questioning and searching for some answer to the question of sacrifice. I kept digging and found that some of the things I was saying I was sacrificing were not really the issue, but just symptoms. Letting my sits flow and not try to control them allowed me to dig deep for the root cause.

Fear of rejection was the only issue holding me back.

This is where the power of the MKE comes to play when you reach out for help. I emailed my guide Suzanne about my revelation of sits, and was now struggling to make sense of this discovery. How do you turn a fear upside down and make it an empowering thought?

Suzanne gave me some great questions to think about as well as some ways to resolve this. Suzanne also asked questions on my behalf which led to a 3 way zoom with Nancy as well. Talk about an empowering moment, when I began to explain what was going on in my mind and Nancy said “So you’re trying to make sense of the spaghetti in your mind.” She asked many questions and listened intently. She made me realize that the same feeling you get in the pit of your stomach is the same as excitement for new things. Nancy helped me see that these questions I was asking of myself was evidence that I was growing and should celebrate the process. I saw a way forward when she showed me how she looked at my DMP.

Brilliance and clarity came in that single moment when I had my A-HA moment. Then came more as I realized the infinite intelligence of a mastermind group and the law of substitution. The exact training that has been learned over the last 8 weeks came crystal clear. Learning as a white personality might have made me feel like the process was hard and became as light as a feather. Now I am excited about rewriting my DMP! I just need some blue personality to electrify my DMP with emotions.

Much love and thanks to the MKE team, especially to Nancy and Suzanne.

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  • It was a pleasure to help out Michael but in the end it was really you who did all the work. Great job!!

  • I’m glad I’m not the only one who’s struggling with DMP, thank you Michael for sharing.

  • Michael – you are doing the work – the hard, mental labor as our friend, Charles says. Bravo to you! (and it was my pleasure to be able to help!)

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