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So admittedly, I haven’t been putting in the work with the intention and enthusiasm that I should be doing and I’m noticing that this seems to have been the recurring theme these past 3 weeks. I’m traveling back home to visit family for the Thanksgiving holiday and since we decided to take the long multi day drive option, I took the opportunity to catch up and re-listen to the past 3 weeks of the MKE trainings.

As I listened to the teachings, the benefits and all the goodies that are rewarded to all that do the work here, I wondered as I drove 76 down the highway, WHY am I not committed and ALL IN on doing these practices? We were also presented a video of a past MKE member that put together a video on his movie poster. He made a statement that resonated heavily with me. He stated “When I did my first movie poster, I looked at it as a chore, something I HAD to do….”

This made me take a step back and ask myself, WHY am I making this “work”? There is no reason in the world this shouldn’t be an exciting thing to partake in and something that I WANT to do because I want a better life. I wanted to be a part of this to change and better my life and that is only going to happen when I PUT IN THE WORK. It’s a flaw too many of us humans have where we are so desperate to make a change in our life, to better our life, but for whatever reason, hesitate or procrastinate on doing the work.

Another statement that hit me hard was that by procrastinating on doing the work today, I’m simply passing that work to be done by the future me. Why would I ever want to do that? The great thing is, I will have some time this week to catch up on doing the things I need to do and get myself aligned with where I need to be at this point in the journey.

I now realize that the more intentional and excited I get about doing this work, the quicker the results that I desire, will come. It’s time to get excited about the work and speed up the process for the future me to become the present me. Put in the work today for a better tomorrow.

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  • Dan, you said “It’s a flaw too many of us humans have”, as we are learning it’s not our fault, learned from our upbringing and surroundings. We are able to correct this and thank GOD we can.

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