MKE Week 8 – Keep on keeping on

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MKE Week 8 – Keep on keeping on

The weeks continue to fly by, and the tasks required keep coming on strong. The focus has intensified, and the objective of the course is starting to become a reality. Exercising my God given right of keeping my opinions to myself and choosing the thoughts that I allow my mind to entertain, continues to definitely be a challenge. Completing all the physical assignments on time is also not one of my strengths. I have beat myself up for not getting everything done on time and cursed myself for having to ‘start over’, or for giving an opinion when not asked.

Mark J is absolutely correct when he says that we have come too far to quit. We were encouraged to go back to the very beginning of the course and reread the self-assessment questionnaire. I did, and it reaffirmed to me that I am in the right place at the right time. I continue to complete the tasks even if they are later than I would like and, I continue to allow the watchman at the gate to do his job. More important, I now have a clear picture of where I am headed with my life. This course is pointing me in that direction, giving me the tools for that job and teaching me how to use them.

-I have coaches that are here to help me bring out my best ‘me’.

-I have the visual reminders on my walls and mirrors.

-I have words that I speak out loud for my conscious mind to absorb.

-I have thoughts that are teaching my subby to radiate positives.

-I have the belief that I am lovable.

-I am allowed to, and, encouraged to ‘feel’

There is no question in my mind that we have all come a long way, and we are not even halfway thru. My frustrations along the way do not even compare to the accomplishments I have experienced. Soooo encouraging.

I have a future again.

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  • Wow, what fabulous insights Robert. The changes you are seeing in yourself is remarkable. Keep working away, the new you is waiting.

  • Great job Robert for continuing, keep it up no matter how long it may take to get the job done.

  • Hi Robert…this is awesome! And so glad you stayed the course. Your endurance as well as your honest share is inspiring. Thank you for embracing your journey with MKE

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