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This may be the week where I am really feeling the crunch. Maybe it is time to stop cutting those corners, stop cheating the gal in the glass.

I am in tears. My little boy right before bed tonight said “Mom aren’t you forgetting your books”. He has learned I don’t go anywhere without my “readings”. Little eyes have been watching me. My every move. What I do does matter. It will change and affect those all around me and the Universe.

In an instant, I was reminded of the impact that I have on others. All of my second guessing, my not so great parenting moments, the raising of my grown sons and my teenage daughters still so impressionable, everything came into laser focus as to what my major purpose is. First and foremost be the best parent I can be and to be there for TJ my 5 year old.

One may take that as putting everything you got into them, but I realize after making mistakes, going through the motions, surviving, means to be the best parent you can be by putting the foundation into me because what they see is a pillar to look to in times of instability. OMG. I just realized that if I just dig into the important stuff and get things done my children will follow. They will at least have a role model for success. UP to this point I have not been giving them that. Not only have I been cheating myself of my potential, I have been cheating them too.

As we sail though all the little details of life adding new habits not really seeing or thinking anything has really made much of a difference. Wondering if it is all worth it. An “AH, HA” realization comes into the picture and creates your ultra focus.

I have been letting life get mundane, losing lift, like the fuel needed in a hot air balloon that will crash if it doesn’t get higher. It is time now to turn up the heat. Go to heights that were never even imagined. I need to throw away this rock hammer and find a sledge hammer. How can I speed this progress up? Let’s get to it.

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  • Excellent Heather! Children learn so much more by watching what we do than by anything we can say. Good job with this post!

  • You have reached heights in MKE- you completed 8 weeks! Welcome to Week 9, Heather. Brad’s Tribe is here for you.

  • And your kids are at such an impressionable age, Heather. What a perfect time to have your “Ah ha” moment! 🙂

  • Wonderful, Heather! Thanks so much for posting this. Our children see everything and are a wonderful mirror – reflecting back to us what they see in us. If we watch and listen carefully, they teach us a lot!

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