MKE Week 8 – Imagination is Divine

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Imagination is the playground and infinite are the potential creations. This is exceptionally exhilarating to contemplate, yet somewhat daunting in application. The mind that is needed to ponder the penetrating questions that lead to the details that form the image is one that needs continuous development.

I am happy to be developing that mind and grateful to see advances that allow for greater concentration into the ideal and its details, but I sure wish tangible progress happened quicker. That is the nature of my impatience, so it was of great encouragement to be reminded on the broadcast that inch by inch progress is being made and staying the course is what matters.

Life is an adventure, and my resolve must not be towards a particular destination or set of circumstances but for the ability to soak up as much pure experience as possible while journeying and to give back what I have learned. I focus my mind on the positive, put work into the ideal, and enjoy the ride!!!

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  • Hey Pal !!! I was hoping to sign you up as my mentor/accountability partner??? How can I garner your interest:)

  • Thank you for reminding me that progress is being made little by little, even when I don’t see the impact immediately!

  • Excellent Gregory, I would say that you ARE making progress! It’s so great that you are applying the MKE concepts:)

  • Hi Gregory,
    Yes, inch by inch all is a synch as the saying goes…I too loved the 1% lesson…micro habits are key and brings doable results.. loved the reflection. thank you

  • Greg, I just love your passion! How great that you’re finding and applying the tools that MKE knows for certain gets that subconscious moving you toward your vision…

  • Thanks Buddy–Your support and encouragement brings a big smile:) Happy Friday and sending you the best!!!

  • True statement, “inch by inch progress is being made, and staying the course is what matters.”

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