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I found today (Monday) that I had a whole lot of energy towards getting some real progress done on breaking down some of my DMP’s into goals and tasks. I hadn’t really been able to focus on that very well, previously. Today the floodgates opened. I’ve been busy all day in work equipment training class, and it was kind of funny… I’m not concentrating on it very well, because I’m busy writing a whole bunch of stuff down as it’s flowing. I went ahead and continued to use index cards, and now I’ve got a stack of them with most of the action items I need to do to be able to continue accelerating my forward momentum on most all of my DMPs.

I’m enjoying doing the daily reads, and using the recordings with music. I think it’s a good thing for me to shut off the TV, because that’s something that does take up hours of time. I enjoy the escape watching movies and some select series, but I had to realize that to accomplish my goals, much has to go. (Maybe not totally, but I’m going to need the hours to be more productive.)

For my movie poster assignment, I prepped by thinking about what I was going to put on it, first. I went through and analyzed my DMP line by line, looking for things to provide an easy visual reminder to me when I saw it. I wrote down a list of pictures to put on it, and then I went and found and printed them. I already had most on my computer, as I had created a desktop slide show several years ago, so I get to see some of my future in front of me every day. I find that helpful for keeping me thinking about it. (I’m now going to add the shapes and colors goals to the computer slide show, too.) Had some printer challenges, so a couple of the pictures aren’t the best, but got it done.

I was drawn to a church while visiting Austin recently, called Dreamers Church. Many of the leaders there were wearing wrist bands that said “Created To Dream.” Pretty appropriate, and not a coincidence. I got one, and am now also wearing it as a daily reminder!

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Passionate worshipper of God, loving husband to Terri, father to Stephanie, and grandfather to Justice. Music minister, entrepreneur, network marketer, guitarist, motorcyclist, amateur radio DXer, martial artist, photographer, telecom technician; previously career Air Force Master Sergeant (Comm and Intel.) Originally from Ohio, now is one of the “frozen chosen” of Alaska since 1987. A fun-loving encourager, enjoys empowering others!

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  • Thanks Mike! I found that I had to step away from several of my favorite TV shows and such as a sacrifice to focus on my future self. Stay in the flow.

  • Inspiring blog Mike! Thanks for sharing your idea to have your movie poster and pictures as a slide show…continually peppering your Subby with the Life you desire. We are all creators…love the wrist band story “Created to Dream”.

  • I enjoyed reading your blog. As a lifetime member and fellow guitarist also, I really liked how YOU described your experience in the Dreamers Church and yes, we ARE created to dream. My you experience fantastic growth in your life.

  • Your a great example for all whom may doubt this process! Thank you so much for being open to the process!!!

  • I love that your were drawn…. and you followed your heart.
    Great share of being in the flow. Thank you so much Mike.

  • Hi Mike…awesome…sounds like you are keeping on track and finding reminders along the way. Thank you for sharing

  • Your dedication are for sure paying you off, Mike! I would like to say we are created to make reality of our dreams. And with your dedication that is exactly what you do.

  • Mike, thank you for reminding me about the slide show its been years since I had that on my laptop. Plus for reminding me about the music. I found some old stuff with MKMMA that I am going through. I didn’t keep it all unfortunately and this MKE has added some things. Well, maybe I just don’t remember it. Keep up the good work.

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