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Rewarded behavior gets repeated, Davene says this often. The first item on my now Service Card is, “clean the dishes by October 9th” with a blue rectangle. I find myself happily humming through the kitchen cooking and cleaning.

I love how I walk around giving and receiving; greeting those I meet with a smile and hello, the feeling is amazing.

The 7 day mental diet. What can I say? It’s helpful to read over it first. It taught me to plan ahead and postpone a lunch if you know the attendee is negative. I had a trifecta; a moving daughter which I survived, spending time with an old friend and my sister; let’s just say I had to start over.

I’m learning how to integrate the 7 laws of the mind into my life to help me succeed with my 7 day diet. I used the Law of relaxation to still my mind and not run from the situation at hand. I used 2 rules to help with my sister; law of forgiveness and law of substitute. I forgave her for how she made me and I thought of God so that I wouldn’t carry a grudge. We love each other and I enjoy peace in the house.

One last thing; on my service card I noted to salt the driveway by 11/20. Today, I bundled up with my coat, gloves and boots to salt the driveway, since I was there, I also cleaned the snow off of my sister’s car. I did it not looking for reciprocity, but she thanked me. It brought me to tears.

I am blue and one of my greatest desires is to help others.

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  • Yes, Stefanie, that’s exactly what I was going to share with Donna. I was very impressed how Donna incorporated the 7 Laws into 7 day mental diet. Great work, Donna! Keep it going!

  • Robert, that is so true. I came here tonight to read other people’s blogs and was blessed with words of encouragement. Thanks for giving, I needed it.

  • I love everything about, this, Donna! Love how you are integrating the Laws and the Mental Diet together!

  • Giving without reciprocity is awesome. When that appreciation comes, it feels 100 times better than if there was reciprocity expected. Way to go Donna.

  • Donna, interweaving those exercises and services, you are a sight to behold! Great Week #8! 🙂

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