MKE Week 8 – I Greet This Day with Love

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I Will Greet This Day With Love in My Heart

This is the title and theme of the second scroll that we are reading this month. It seems to me that if we take this scroll to heart, and actually do what it says, everything else falls into place.

I can’t have a negative thought if I only applaud what is good in other people and events. I applaud what is good by loving each event and each person for their contribution whatever it may be, not their faults. When I look at the faults, it’s the opposite of love.

When my opinions are formed out of love they transform from being opinions to being words and actions of support. Opinions without love attempt to make the speaker bigger and the listener smaller. The goal is to make everyone we encounter feel supported and loved which gives them a boost of confidence to carry on.

So, negative thoughts and negative opinions are really a lack of love.

I read this scroll every morning and make the practice of radiating love out to everyone I encounter. I am confident that if I make this practice sincerely, my thoughts, opinions and actions will follow suit and I will build with the foundation of love.

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  • I love how you’ve seen that the exercises have built to this point – no opinions – Scroll 2 – Mental diet – all working together!

  • I love how you observe that ‘when my opinions are formed out of love they transform from being opinions to being words and actions of support.’ This is such an important part of the lesson!

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