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I found my bliss!

Yesterday I drove to Salem Oregon, an hour away. I had about four appointments before I was able to present a hydration talk to a group of breast cancer survivors at 6:00 pm in the evening. I scheduled my whole day around this event. I couldn’t believe myself; I was excited and energized the whole way home.

Re-thinking the evening, I was blown away. I was able to do a hydration presentation explaining: 1. Why you should hydrate, 2. Benefits of hydration, 3. Choices of hydration and 4. The power of ERW, electrolyzed reduced water. The joy was that I LOVED doing the presentation and it FLOWED. Just being able to stand up in front of people and share took years of work and discipline. (At my first Toastmasters meeting I could not even do a 15-second impromptu. But that is a story for another day).

To be clear, I market a device that creates this water. Yes, I get a financial benefit from selling these machines. The profit alone was not my primary motive for marketing them. However, somewhere along the line, I began to focus more on the financial benefit than on the real reason I chose to pursue this business. My real passion is to help people get healthier naturally, without pharmaceuticals. I was filled with pure joy with the privilege of speaking to a group of breast cancer survivors and sharing about the POWER of hydration. The exhilaration I felt confirmed to me what I truly love to do.

What brought this forward was rewriting my DMP. Thank you, Candy (my guide), and Day, her support person, for noticing that my DMP was not resonating with me and having me start over and create one that is truly something I’m passionate about.

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  • celebrating you Terri and your wonderful ‘hydration’ week – hope you’ve enjoyed a great MKE Week 9 too 🙂

  • Terri this is the best part of the Journey!!! I’m so happy that you really FEEL this now <3 That's some powerful emotion in there now

  • Yes, Terri, proper hydration is important. If the survivors had started sooner, they may not have gotten cancer in the first place! 🙂

  • Thank you for your encouragement! I love all the staff I have encountered in MKE. Another reason to push forward.

  • Congratulations Terri!! Just like water, you are in the Flow!!! Way to continue with the exercises and grow through it! Great shoutout for your Guide Candy and Staff Day Boswell. I agree, they rock!! Ultimately, you did the mental work Terri…time to CELEBRATE!!!! =)

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