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Perfectionism stops many of us from reaching our goals because we forget that the creation of something great requires us to change, stumble and sometimes even start over. As a fellow perfectionist, sometimes I am paralyzed with the process because I’m afraid of failing and starting over. My cure has been to just start and I remind myself to be ok with the outcome. Before I figured this out, I often didn’t even begin.

Recently I spent about 7 weeks creating a life plan through writing, pictures, creating a movie trailer only to feel like it didn’t quite match what I want over the next decade… This meant I needed to begin again, step by step with a combination of thought, heart and gut. It meant digging deep and asking the hard questions, like. “What do you REALLY want, Ann?”

Over my 5 decades, I have accomplished many things I was initially afraid of; joining the Army National Guard in High School, moving out of state, becoming a pharmacist, becoming a mom, managing pharmacies, running a half marathon, lifting 275lb in a deadlift competition, winning a sword in a bench press competition, finishing cycle Oregon event, becoming a financial advisor, and leaving my pharmacy career to create my own business are just a few I can recall.

Even though they are all very different accomplishments, the one thing they all have in common is that I REALLY wanted to finish them. Often, I was unsure of the how, I only knew I wanted to do it.

These days, I am more aware of my feelings and I use activity to blast through the fear of failure, starting over and many other obstacles my subconscious tries to drum up to keep me comfortable.

Meet Ann Walls

Mother of five, wife, creative, goofy, passionate person who doesn’t take herself too seriously. Ann loves the color purple and truly loves colors, textures and patterns in general. She comes from a musical and artistic family but chose to follow more analytical careers as a pharmacist and a financial advisor. Ann enjoys people and helping them become the best versions of themselves. As a person with HUGE goals, She enjoys collaborating and masterminding with other positive, passionate people who enjoy creating their lives.

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  • So what is better? To eventually finish it perfectly, or to finish it? Perfection is a state of mind that we place on ourselves and sometimes just finishing it can give one the statisfaction we need so that we can continue the process. Great blog, Ann!

  • Great blog, Ann! Love your insights and accomplishments. Thanks again for your service and your tenacity to FINISH!!! Love it!!!

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