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After being on Sundays Webinar for WEEK 8, I am so very grateful I didn’t quit, I am almost through week 7 replay and doing the exercises. Still putting up the colored shapes. I do have The Gal in The Glass on my bathroom mirror, and read it, out loud every morning and evening.

Still have some catching up, but I Am BACK on TRACK and forging forward. Onward and Upward!

Thank you Mark J, Davene, Lori and my guide Suzanne L. 🙏 very grateful for this course and all of you


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  • Hi Lisa, So good to have you back and working hard to be back on track. Congrats on the decision to keep going.

  • Glad to hear I am not alone in getting caught up. Looks like Allan mentioned similar thoughts. I will get caught up on my blogs! I always keep my promises!

  • With so many people following to feed the boiler driving your train called Happy Knack, Lisa, in my opinion, failure is not an option. Thanks for being among the first to publish your Week 8! 🙂

  • This is great Lisa, it sounds like you are doing great and moving forward. You have the life of your dreams waiting for you at the other end. Push on young lady – push on!

  • And we are grateful too that you are here with us, on track, on your way to your ideal life that you so well deserve. Great job, well done Lisa!

  • Thanks for sharing this, Lisa. Great to hear you are “back on track”. I submitted my blog before reading yours…snap on the title :-).

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