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Everything was going so well until last week. I was really enjoying all the exercises, had adopted putting all my actions on my cards and completing them each day. I saw results in focusing on getting rid of some excess weight and was seeing many connections between various parts of the material we are studying.

I had even watched “what the bleep do we know” a couple of times in preference to my usual diet of Nordic crime drama.

And then I spent a few days on the coast with some friends.

For some inexplicable reason, I decided to take time off from my new structure and only read my DMP and cards rather than the Keys etc. I stopped repeating my promise to manifest True Health and Liberty.

I don’t know why I did this. I do have a part of me that loves to test things so maybe that was it.

Anyhow, the results were appalling.

Apart from putting weight back on, I felt awful. Listless and very uncomfortable. I find it hard to describe the feeling. Really weird.

One great result of my “holiday” is that my friend has a recording studio, so I have a fab recording of my DMP/DIN/BPB/ICBWIWTB/Og set to my favourite music tracks.

The good news is that I’ve been back for a few days now, back to my MKE routine and all is well, much better than well actually. I’m listening to my tracks while exercising and looking at my dream board and enjoying all the other exercises.

I feel my new me is back 😊.

Mark’s phrase keeps ringing in my ears “it’s too late to turn back now”

And there is no way I’m going to !!!

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  • How interesting and what a great realization there, Allan. There is a good reason for everything that happens in life, everything rolls out with perfection, doesn’t it? It is so nice when the message and teachings drop down so quickly. Happy you are back on track, also very happy to get to connect with you on Luc’s zoom calls. Happy Week Nine!! 😀

  • Great experience, Allan, and also great use of your “Observer” skill! If your reward is a stronger anchor into the MKE as it seems to be, then you win on all counts! Congratulations!!

  • Great job Allan! Being the observer, you saw what was happening and took action to get back on track, thanks for sharing!

  • I understand completely Allen, when I decided to play a game of free cell within a few minutes I said to myself instead of doing this make new contacts, I stopped right there and then and made the contacts that I had promised myself I would do. This is amazing what your thoughts can do when you are in control. I gave up playing free cell to do business instead.

  • Allan, love the fact you got off track for awhile, and managed to get back.In my opinion that shows resilience and persistence. Good show! 🙂

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