MKE Week 8 – An Evening to Remember

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My husband is really great at prospecting for me and he met a woman working as a store manager who said she was interested in a business opportunity. He told her about our financial literacy business and told her she should meet with me. I got all done up to meet with this potential prospect to simply find out her wants/goals in life and see if she would be a great fit for us. In conversing with her, she actually wanted to meet with my husband to learn more about the non-profit realm because she felt like her calling to help people is guiding her in that direction. I asked her about what she wanted to accomplish in her lifespan and she told me she had done everything already. She recently moved from Dubai after divorcing her husband and wants to explore more of the non-profit world. She seemed like she knew what she wanted and wasn’t really forthcoming with her answers because she claimed to have “done it all”, but she explained coming from a place of “love” and being “present”. In her explanation of “being in love with love”, I thought to myself how crazy my affirmations included “I greet this day with Love in my heart” so I started to explain to her about the MKE course and how wonderful it was.

She ended up “flipping the script” on me and telling me that although she wanted to learn more from my husband regarding the non-profit world, I came to her because she is very in-tuned with the universe and could tell that I have “sadness in my heart”. She sensed something from family history and my ancestors wanted me to know more about my culture, maybe my Filipino side. Boy was I taken aback by her response. I ended up telling her my family history and how I was born, which definitely perked her interest considering that she wasn’t so keen on our meeting in the beginning. I wanted to know more about what it was that she was picking up about me with this “sadness” she claimed she read, but she said the answers needed to come from within me and she recommended I take some time to “sit with myself”. HA HA HA! How about that! She was telling me I wasn’t being consistent with my sits which she had no idea that I was already supposed to be doing. Man, was that an evening I’ll never forget.

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  • Hanalei, that goes to prove what MKE is teaching us, its all one. Thank you for sharing a great story.

  • I thought it was funny, and then I was like it was a good thing, but now I feel uneasy as my brain started to replay the whole conversation. She didn’t leave me with as good of a feeling as I thought.

  • Thanks Arlene! I don’t know why I am starting to feel bothered by our conversation now rather than uplifted.

  • How cool is that?!?! And interesting that you found lessons in this unusual conversation – good for you!

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