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Week 8 Webinar Was Absolute Fire!!!! Quite Honestly All The Webinars Have Been
InCredible!! Nothing But Real, Honest, Backed By Science, Truth Aimed At Your Brain, Heart , And Soul. Pure Fire, Baby!! OH Yeah!! In Truth, I Am Getting So Much More Value From Them Lately, Like Maybe I’ve Finally Developed The Brain Cells Necessary To Better Receive And Comprehend This Material. I Still Encounter Resistance Getting Started Some Days, Most Days And They Often Never Go Quite As Planned, However Doing The Work Is Becoming Something Of A Need I Rather Appreciate!

Not Just The Readings But The Hard Stuff, The Stuff I’d Rather Resist, Do Later, And Suppress (OATS/ Blogs/ Visualization…Not Daydreaming/ Learning New Tech/ Growing New Brain Cells) But At Least Once During The Allotted 86, 400 Seconds I Take Part In The Struggle, Accept It’s Challenges (Interrupt The Old Network) And Am Grateful For Them.

As I Complete And Conquer It’s Challenges I Conquer Myself And Eliminate My Fear, Infinite Intelligence Is 1% Closer (For Only A Habit Can Replace Another Habit) And The Guy In The Glass Is Pleased. This Last Nearly 2 Weeks Of Struggling Through The Assignments (As Well As My Resistance And Initial Self Doubt) And Bringing On The 7DMD Has Made This Process So Much More Real For Me!!! It’s Like I Can Feel “It” All Around Me. I Still Have My Moments But It Most Definitely Feels Like Spiritual Being Having/Learning The Human Experience. The Struggle And Discomfort Has Made It Real!! The Payoff Is Real!!

I Am Very Excited To Continue Practicing Eliminating My Resistance , Self Doubt Daily By Being Faithful To The Work And Improving Incrementally Until With Much Practice (Many 1%’s Added Up Over Time) I Eventually Master The 7 Laws Of The Mind And Easily Conquer The 7DMD!!! Really Enjoyed Linking The 7 Laws To The Master Keys!! Changing Up The Language Sometimes Makes It Much More Understandable, For Me Anyway. Hope Everyone’s Thriving And Blessed!! You’re All Forkin’ Awesome And I Love You!!Peace!!

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