MKE Week 8 – A Challenging Week

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I guess it’s to be expected:

One week after I have some victories…
One week after my Blog becomes the Featured Blog Of The Week…
One week that I start my 7-Day Mental Diet…

I run smack dab right into not one…not two…but THREE anxiety attacks over three consecutive days.

I know why too.

At the office, there is a giant monitor above my desk that blasts Toronto’s local 24-Hour News Channel. Instead of fortifying my ind with good, positive thoughts, I let my mind be bombarded with the negative garbage being spewed out by this channel.

Make no mistake:
The TV monitor is simply an excuse.
The fact is that I had gotten away from the daily exercises.

So I’m getting back on track.
I’m submitting a revised version of my DMP…
I’m spending my two 15-minute breaks at work to meditate with my Mentor Meeting In My Mind.
(MMM – The Quadruple M!)
And I’m going to move my life and my business forward by improving in those areas by one percent each day.

Life: Continue my Morning Power Routines and MKE Daily Exercises

Business: Hone my Invitation Script so that I become super-confident in it and eventually be able to recruit at will.

And I ALWAYS keep my promises!

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  • Bravo Khush!! Way to be the Objective Observer- a significant victory in awareness. Time to celebrate and like you said simply focus on now and continue with the daily mental exercises. Cheering you on!

  • Hi Khush, You are back and it shows. The best part is you recognized it right away and made the corrections. Celebrate the win you are having.

  • Khush, It seems you were not alone in experiencing setbacks this week. I had my challenges also. Like you I have acknowledge, and forgiven myself and starting over. Thanks for sharing your vulnerability.

  • What a great inspiration! You know things will happen, but it what’s what you meditate on is what’s most important.

  • I know what you’re going through, Khush, the emotional roller coaster ride is not fun for me either when I miss some of the daily mental exercises too. Now that you know how to overcome the background noise at work, you’re on your way to being unstoppable. Know that I’m over here cheering you on! 🙂

  • Thank you Khush, I find you are supporting a sort of mantra that i have had for years, and don’t even know where i got it…”it is not the falling down, but the getting up that matters”. Thank you for setting the example and what is more, sharing it! thank you

  • Three anxiety attacks, Khush, in 3 days! Whew! I’ve only had one about 40 years ago, yet it seems like yesterday. It was the worst day in my life! Very glad you were able to right the ship so quickly! 🙂

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