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After 24 weeks my new journey begins now……

I have never spent 6 months, at any point in my life, living backwards while unwinding & unlearning how I was taught & raised. It was the strangest, most unique & amazing experience in my life, thus far.

It’s been most interesting embarking on this MKE journey as a dyslexic. I have spent over 40 years trying to learn and comprehend and keep up with the world around me, since many things have taken longer to learn than most, or passed me by altogether.

In the 1970’s and 80’s, the educational system was not set up for kids like me. If I were to use a book to describe my school experience, it would be Cliffs Notes. I could understand enough of my schooling to get by and survive tests while maintaining a “C” average, at best. When it came to sports, art class, extra credit & recess, I was an A+ student.

Learning now, at the age of 49, that my colors are blue & red, makes sense of my former school years. I was a leader screaming for sympathy and understanding. I was leading the class on the “Road to Nowhere.”

The easiest part of MKE was starting over & relearning my past. As a dyslexic, I have always had to learn and relearn everything, so this was nothing new to me. The most difficult aspects of MKE was facing my anger & frustration that has built up within me over the years due to my learning disability.

As I started MKE, I realized that I was not going to be able to learn, experience & be impacted the way God wanted me to be unless I changed my trucking schedule. There was too much growth & activity to take in & soak up, and trucking over the road for 12-16 hrs a day wasn’t going to cut it.

So I prayed with Stefanie Hoffa & asked God what I needed to do in order to fully envelope MKE. He answered me and told me to switch trucking companies. So half way through MKE I did just that. After this, I was able to be fully present with MKE & with Stefanie as well. This is when MKE became woven into the tapestry of my life & every breath I took.

It was similar to my experience getting baptized when I was 14 and the Holy Spirit came to dwell within me due to my choice, invitation and acceptance.

As the MKE experience began to penetrate me & change me from the inside out, I embraced a word that has become the most important word in my vocabulary next to God, and that word is CHOICE. The word has become so powerful & left me in awe of its value & capabilities.

Since the beginning of time, choices have been the catalyst of everything that has ever existed & happened. From God’s creation, to the Garden of Eden, to Moses, to the woman at the well, to the disciples, to the cross, to the world wars, to presidents, to countries forming, to the Native American Indians, to Gandhi, to Hitler, to Genghis Khan, to Martin Luther King Jr., to Og Mandino, to Haanel, to Beethoven, to Mark & The Fabulous Davene & the list goes on. All of us have the ability to make choices.

We choose to wake up happy or not, go to work or not, serve others or not, choose to be kind or not.

Whatever the choices are, they are ours to make. When we make these choices, they go beyond ourselves & impact those around us. When all is said & done, I have learned in 24 short weeks that the only thing that matters is what choices I make every day, and it starts with ME.

I had many broken pieces that needed to be put back together.

Wounds that needed mending.

Forgiveness that needed to be given.

The time needed to heal.

Doubt & fear that needed to be set free.

Anger that needed to dwindle away…..and the list went on.

In the end, I realized that the person who needed healing the most was me. When I made the choice to release myself from who I used to be, I found God’s purpose and bliss for my life.

The world will continue to turn and be as the world is, but I will choose to be different in order to be the difference in the world. MKE has helped me heal, learn & become who God always intended me to be for Him.

As I used the lessons, developed the habits of MKE, and absorbed the wisdom from its brilliant guides, I began to chip away at the cement that my experiences have buried me in. I came to realize that each piece that fell off represented a choice that I made, which was burying me alive. I was dead at age 25 just waiting to be buried.

Thank you, MKE, for teaching me how to choose to live my very best life.

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  • Excellent post. Jake has really embraced the Master Key Experience & taken brave steps to do his work.

  • Jake, so glad to have been part of your amazing journey. I cannot wait to see what else opens for you. So excited for how you’ve found something that works for you!!

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