MKE Week 24 – What is truly important in your life?

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We attach so much importance to things in our lives that in the end we realize are meaningless. Listening to Mark’s personal story on parenting was powerful. To realize that at times we think that we should work hard and bring in money to provide for our children. We think this is important. And in the process, we forget what is important i.e., the moments and relationships. We look back and have regrets instead of being in the moment.

So important to stop and consider what is truly important in your life. As discussed throughout the course, before we know it time is gone and we can never regain that back. At times people bury how they feel so they don’t experience these negative emotions. At times these negative emotions are a gift to help us change the trajectory of our lives. These cross roads are truly a gift if we stop, experience and consider our path and take the time to change it. This gift may occur in a small way or a big way. A saying that comes to mind is that God drops a pebble on you and if you don’t listen He will drop a brick. And if don’t listen He will drop a house. So, take the time and listen. Learn when the lessons when price is not too high. I realize sometimes easier said than done but if you listen you can make that happen.

With this course the learnings, and walking alongside others, the path has become so much smoother. You get the learnings faster and easier to have the life that you want. You don’t dwell for long periods of times in these negative emotions. You acknowledge, experience and learn from these emotions but you choose to not let them control you. You learn, evolve and move forward. You enjoy the positive emotions and harness them. You feel those wonderful emotions that make us human. You are helped to find ways to move in the trajectory that empowers you. So, do you know what is truly important in your life? If you are currently at a cross road, what do you want to do?

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  • Enter the power of the mastermind! A wonderful finishing blog, Suzette! Another self-directed thinker to sway Universal consciousness in the direction we all need to grow! 🙂

  • Suzette, thank you for such a honest and thoughtful sharing. I can see the amazing journey that you ‘ve taken here at MKE and so grateful for you being in this community contributing, uplifting, and encouraging others. Congratulations on your Commencement this Sunday! You did it!

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