MKE Week 24 – The End Is Just the Beginning

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Hard to believe we are in the last week of MKE. The changes have been quite profound personally. What I mean by that is, I am surprised by the actions I’ve taken, like making the two-day silent retreat. Going up to Bothell, WA to the EE Enhancement System in such a short period of time. Showing up with people, confident. If I tell people where I was eight years ago when my husband passed away, they don’t believe me.

Another thing I notice, I can get through Hannel faster and easier. I’m not feeling so overwhelmed. The little things I do with MKE come with ease like the reading of Og, and my DMP. Have I done everything I’m supposed to do on a daily basis? The truth is no, there are many things I have not done. But what I have done I have done it consistently. And I know has changed me….. my subby and my spirit are more aligned.

I am believing in myself more. As a new chamber member I am bolder, jumping into leadership and showing up confident. I am surprising myself. I’m beginning to take more risks. I glide into opportunities easier. I’m not overthinking everything as much.

Moving forward, I don’t intend to change the habits I’ve already established with MKE. The best part of MKE for me is understanding the power of my mind and my thoughts and connecting with God. I’m learning to use my focused thoughts more consistently with my spirit bringing my heavenly desires into daily earth goals. I find myself asking some key important questions. Like “What are my intention and the outcome I wish to receive from this task and know the why?” Or maybe just starting with the “Why” and creating goals from there. Clearly, I’m learning to ask better questions not just philosophically about my life but practically about how to prioritize.

Moving forward, my intention is to keep moving one day at a time. I’m thankful for the MKE experience. I am thankful that the Think and Grow Rich group will be starting. I’m thankful for our polo group will be continuing. I for sure look forward to going to Kauai and meeting everybody.

So until then, life is good!

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  • Surely, it stands to reason, Terri, that you can count yourself among those who are finishing strong, because as you describe you’ve grown in so many vital areas of your life! Bravo!!! 🙂

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