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When I saw the webby and Mark share a very intimate moment, like the look on his kids face when he showed up to his music recital or play etc.. how much it meant to his son, but also how Mark didn’t want to ever go through that again hit me sooooo hard. Thank you Mark I appeciate you so much for being so vulnerable on this webby.

It proved to me (which I really needed to hear that he is human too and also that he struggled so much with the emotions he was feeling. And the desperation that was needed to take what seemed impossible seriously.)

I have suffered so deeply in my life. I needed to hear about this struggle from “the top”. Was waiting for this so I wouldn’t quit. Well I bought the trip to Kauai to meet Mark and Davene so maybe after then, haha.

Nobody told me it was going to be this hard, but I realize that from doing this program that nothing in life that is worth it is easy. Everything has been so devastatingly easy for me, and even though I’m thankful, it did not do me any favors. I’m also thankful that once I let go, it will be easier to be a human on this earth. Not just because Everyone has flaws and I would love nothing more than to help them, but that I can’t give what I haven’t got.

It’s either give up or give in. Man I’m resisting big time.

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  • There is no mistake to where you are at this moment. Take hold grow through it. I know you will get to where you are going.

  • Getting perspectives from people who have already been through similar experiences is so helpful and gives us hope and courage to keep going. Don’t give up Laura!

  • Laura, you say you’re resisting big time. I say as a blog rover with 8 years experience under my belt, in my opinion, I’m insisting you’re persisting to the point where you can put all resistance, past, present, and future, in the back mirror. Congrats on being one of only a handful to publish a Week 24! 🙂

  • Yes, Mark sharing that vulnerability was a gift to all of us. Laura, thank you for your honesty and reflections. So very helpful.

  • Hi Laura, thank you for sharing…You are a Divine creation and a gift. Know that we are loving your vulnerability and that we are rooting for you! The word would be missing something without your contribution. So much love xoxo

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