MKE Week 24 – Beyond the Observer

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What a dramatic concept! Simply through the act of observing, outcomes change!

Observing requires us to be the observer, obviously. But by being the observer, we are therefore considering ourselves separate from what we are observing. And, on one level, that is understandable.

But consider that separation is an illusion that runs contrary to our true nature of being one with the universal energy in which we all live.

I think it’s important to be mindful of the unity, peace, prosperity, love and joy that underlies the illusion that we are separate.

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  • Great insight, MJ! Throughout this course, you have consistently brought out new insights, and observations and reminded me that although we are separate, we are all one.

  • Observing outside the circle of action opens up a completely different way of looking at something.

  • The observer sees from deep within you, not separate from the universal energy around you.

  • Thank you for this entry Mary! Yes, i am with you and grateful for your expression. Much love

  • Very inspiring and uplifting thoughts, MJ! I’m so happy to have followed your blogs thru the MKE. It has been very giving, thank you!

  • Mahalo on getting it done – you’re are such an fantastic addition to the MKE family – love you!

  • Yes, Mary! Separation is needed to create the tension that drives oneness. You’ve finished strong! πŸ™‚

  • Inspiring blog MJ! To truly believe in our hearts and live in appreciation that we are all connected physically, energetically, spiritually…is a pathway to peace for all humans and life forms of every kind on our planet. Peace!

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