MKE Week 24 – A Journey To Remember

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The Master Mind Experience is a course to open your mind and your soul to possibilities that can be. Imagination helps open that door of what is possible.

This course has a goal to teach people how to get rid of the barriers, blockades, and self imposed restrictions that hold back most people, and become a self directed thinker. Live on purpose for a purpose with confidence and without procrastination.

I joined a company, a “business”, that I felt was the picture perfect screen shot of what I believe it should look like. Health and Wellness can be a little tricky sometimes, because one answer doesn’t fit all. Good products can complement each other. The one thing that I am certain about is I don’t want the government to control or manage how I take care of me and my family. Also big pharma does not have my best interest in mind.

The MKE has taken me through a series of progressions to change habits, build personal beliefs in myself and how to handle problems as they arrive. This experience has helped me manage my emotions rather than just react on them. I’ve learned that opinions are better kept to myself, as I observe what is going on around me.

The MKE is masterfully put together to guide and teach, and you choose the best path that is right and unique for you. This has been well worth everything that I have put into it. I am going to continue working on the habits and actions to reach my goals.

Meet Rod Kotter

Rod grew up in Logan, Utah, and worked in the plumbing and heating company for five years after graduating high school.  He felt he needed to be more independent, so he built his own portable welding truck and moved to Wyoming.  There, he worked in the oil and natural gas industry for most of his life and enjoyed the challenging projects as they were always something new.  Rod has consistently advocated for natural health and helping people be healthy.  He is building a business from home in the wellness industry and feels he is now at the right place and time with the right products to help more people.  Through the MKE course, he is learning the skills and knowledge to take on business and personal life challenges.  

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  • Great post, Rod! You certainly nailed it when it comes to who is going to take care of your health. Health is your wealth, and if you look at the junk food that our kids are eating today, it is no wonder that they’ve got health problems. Thanks for sharing about the MKE experience.

  • Jen, thank you very much for your kind words. I just wanted to let you know that your enthusiasm is contagious.

  • Good for you, Rod! Seeing the government and our health care system for what it really is: CORRUPT!!!

  • So happy for you Rod! It has been a blessing to get to know you and what a light you have been for other MKE members as you shared your experiences and insights throughout the course. Well done! Cheering you on as you continue your unique Hero’s Journey. Peace!

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