MKE 24 – I am the Flower

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Was I born for such a time as this? So many things are happening in our world today. It feels like if there were walls all about they would be crashing down around me right now. The destruction that may to many seem inconceivable and possibly even frightful, to me it is only a dance.

There is loud noise which I cannot hear and much chaos, but to me I hear the fluttering of many butterflies flying in all directions with determination knowing their purpose as they dance about the devastation lighting up their paths with hope for the future.

The imagined scene is like in the Matrix movie where things get suspended in mid air as to not fall on or hurt anyone and I feel strong like Sarah Connor in Terminator as if I could withstand the impending weight on my shoulders of the end of this world as we know it but I am not afraid. I keep my family safe in a world unknown and fight for the greater good.

What am I being called to do? My strength is in the Lord Jesus, he who is in me. Heather I. Pasqualini. The great “I AM” is in me. It wasn’t by accident that I was named after a flower. I think about the bee pollinating the flower and how we all have this definite major purpose that has been God ordained, to be fulfilled in His timing.

It is like a key that goes in a door and as we all open our doors the whole world is free. Free of pain, Free of illness, Free of poverty, Free of uncertainty. Maybe I am not the bee but I am the flower as in the movie Adaptation? Maybe people need to be led to me? I believe I am going to be an integral part of rebuilding when the time has come?

I continue to look forward to having these truths unveiled within me. As we continue out in the world as self proclaimed thinkers we will be a force as part of the awakening, the revival, and even the revolution. It is time to put on the armor of God. I look forward to my two days of silence to see a little more of what God has in store for me.

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  • Beautiful imagery here, Heather. And no accident that the movies you named are classic Hero’s Journey stories – just as you are the Hero of your own adventure!

  • Inspiring post Heather. You are shining your unique, genuine light. Cheering you on as you continue your Hero’s Journey!

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