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I had trouble deciding what to write about this week, so I finally decided on silence. I have not done my two or three days of silence yet. I have not planned it yet either, but I will. It is not possible at home, so it takes a little planning. Early April will be when I can fit it in. The last time I spent three nights in a hotel. I turned off my phone when I went to bed the first night and turned it on when I checked out. I was unsure how I would handle being silent for two full days. I always stayed in the room. There was a microwave and electric tea kettle, and I brought enough food and coffee for the entire time. So, I was all set for the whole of the stay.

I slept for close to eight hours that first night. I rarely sleep that long, especially the first night in a hotel. When I got up, I ate and had coffee. Then I thought, what do I do now? I brought a notebook and pen and started journaling, which I had never done before. Then I went outside on the lanai, had more coffee, and watched the traffic and people below. Then I went in, meditated, and then took a nap. This is how the entire time was spent. I would eat, journal, meditate, and nap all day. At the end of that first day of silence, I thought I could never sleep with all the sleep I had the night before and all the naps. To my surprise, I had another long, restful sleep. The second day of silence was a repeat of the previous one—food, coffee, journaling, meditation, and naps.

When I checked into the hotel, I was still determining if I could be silent for two days and not turn on the television or phone. What I found was that I was completely comfortable with my days there. I don’t know how many pages I wrote in my notebook. It was more than I ever would have expected. I never thought I would sleep so much. I thought I would be bored, and I was not. I thought I would be overjoyed to leave when the time was done. When it was over, I wished I had another day or two. I am hoping I can fit in at least another day this year. It surprised me how much I enjoyed what I thought would be boring.

I’m not sure I had any great insights. I think I did work out some things because of my journaling. What I do know for sure is I was much calmer when I left than when I arrived.

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  • Great account John, amazing what is enjoyable beyond our thoughts!
    Body and mind rejuvenated … ahhhhh.

  • John you make this sound so wonderful and soothing – silence what a gift!

  • What a great experience with the silent retreat. I am glad you are planning another one. If nothing else, you are leaving well rested:)

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