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Has anybody else felt like the “I practiced acceptance,” “I take responsibility for the situation,” “I relinquish the need to defend my point of view,” that the laws of least effort is actually showing up much more frequently in my every day than ever before?

In the webinar, Lori brought it to everyone’s attention last week. Maybe reading the cards daily has kept it top of mind?

Moving forward, I begin to focus my attention on acceptance, responsibility, and defenselessness as a part of my everyday practice. But since that silent retreat, I felt like every day I have been noticeably tested. I’ve been tossed all over emotionally, physically, and mentally as during my days, very few things happen as I have planned. I have felt like there have been so many things testing and pushing my ability to be thankful in the moment of the many detours. It’s one of those things where I feel I am being tested.

Let me explain. I remember as a new Christian praying for patience and then being hit with so many opportunities to build my patience muscle. I remember, telling God, “enough already”. And then regretting ever asking God to give me patience.

I am sure there are many lessons moving forward; but can I just get some rest first?

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  • Let go. When I have a plan with my horse she usually bucks. If I ask we come to an agreement and we dance. Go with the flow.

  • Remember to breathe and give yourself permission to rest, then take one thing at a time. You got this!

  • Sure, take a break until Sunday’s webinar. So much more powerful information coming!!

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