MKE Week 23 – Oh No!

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I cannot believe we’ve completed all these weeks and are just 2 weeks shy of completion of the course. I went from wondering how I could commit to attending 26 Sundays, to already missing the weekly course!

From this week, my favourite part is the Law of Least Effort. To accept I am where I should be and to not fight it. To take responsibility for where I am.

I love the idea of not fighting others to accept my point of view (I heard years ago: do you want to be right or do you want to be rich? so i have long since let the idea go of needing others to think my way).

Put together though, I am ready to live a life of ease!!

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  • So true, LoriAnn! It is easy to live a life of ease 😉 You got the tools. Way to go.

  • I agree with you Loriann, life is so much easier when you let people have their own opinions and do not fight everyone so that they see yours.

  • Yes, Loriann! Was it Chopra who said: “Do a lot, and accomplish nothing. Do nothing, and accomplish everything!” You’re almost home! 🙂

  • Congrats Loriann and recognizing your growth. All is well- you have the MKE principles and tools to apply to your everyday Life….and staying connected with the MKE community and your personal MasterMind partners. You got this!

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