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I always keep my promises. Writing my blog posts the last couple of weeks have been more of a challenge than usual, though. The whole MKE regimen has been more difficult than ever to stick with. I have certainly not been lazy. I just had more than ever on my plate. Consequently, I am late. That said, I will finish what I said I was going to do and I will finish strong. Strong in so many ways.

My body is stronger and healthier at 61 than it has ever been. My mind is stronger. I can tell because the intensity of what is going on in the world, is definitely a lot higher. Still, I am here, and I am getting more done than ever. More importantly, I have a lot more fun and resilient. I laugh more, I smile more and I bounce back almost immediately when I lose my footing every now and then.

The serendipities around me are many times more amazing and frequent than they used to be. I know this, but I don’t feel it as I sit here and write. I simply have less time to enjoy them. This saddens me a little. It is ok, but I’d love a vacation, I think, or do I?

As I think deeper about what is going on inside of me I feel much more grateful now than only six months ago. It is a different kind of grateful. It is more solid and even. Yes, I am tired, the pressure is higher than ever, but I am handling the work load. With grace, even. Nah, not even. I handle it all with grace. Period. I have become, not only, the world’s greatest salesperson, but also a great delegator.

How to work well together with others in a team, was certainly not my forte, and now I am doing it every day. I have become a great leader. I should be celebrated, ha ha, but people around me seem to take this for granted. I guess it is expected for somebody this old to be a great leader? At least grown up??

I have to laugh as the realizations sink in, one after another. This is something I used to dream about and it has been a goal of mine for a long. long time. It surprises me as I write this, but I have actually created a community around myself here in my own home village this last year.

I used to think that was impossible for me here in Glanshammar, SwEden, but, truth is, I have attracted some really great people and they have come to me. Some of them have come from far away and moved here. Given up their old lives to come here. They honor me and they ask me for advice. Wow, I see it now. They are here with me and now WE can start to do the things that I used to dream of. Things I tried to do together with others and never succeeded with. It is sinking in to me as I write this… and here the feelings come too. I have been so busy that I didn’t even notice.

I actually did it.

This is that moment of getting something that I didn’t even see just a few minutes ago.

You MKE peeps are truly genius. LOL, for real, and Thank You! Thank you all for inspiring me and for making me do this. A special thank you at this moment to Monica Peterson, my lovely MM friend here in SwEden, and one of the ever so wonderful blog rovers. You gave me a last kick in my behind today when I had almost given up on submitting the last two blog posts before the last webinar tomorrow night. I always keep my promises and I will submit both of these last ones before the deadline tonight. For sure.

I always keep my promises and I finish strong. Stronger than ever.

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  • Thanks so much, Jen, I still many times think that “my” contributions are not meaningful or valuable. I have to remind myself to silence that inner perfectionist and just let it flooow! The MKE space has helped me a lot with that kind of acceptance. It is a great thing to be in the company of kind and supportive peeps like you. Ever so grateful! <3

  • It would not have been possible without all the great support and cheering on from the best of the best! Thank you so much, Arlene! 😀

  • Tusen tack, vilken resa vi gjort tillsammans dessa månader – och det är bara början!! Vi har så mycket att se fram emot, kära syster. Jag är så glad att våra vägar möts och ser fram emot vad som komma skall! Keep on shining! <3

  • Wonderful and inspiring blog post Ann-Charlotte! What a journey you have done! Thank YOU for being my MM partner, it has been a true pleasure masterminding with you. Blessings!

  • Beautiful post Ann-Charlotte. I want to thank you for the inspiring, heart felt blogs you have shared throughout your MKE journey- they have been a blessing to me and many others!

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