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Sometimes it is hard to see the forest because of the trees. As I wander around the woods, sometimes lost, and sometimes amazed at what I see along the path, you come across a vista where the view captures your breath. The remarkable thing about the view is that as you worked to get there, you did not always see how far you had come to get there.

This is where I have found myself, looking at the view of opportunity and growth before me. All paths of the MKE have brought me to a safe and courageous place to really look at what I genuinely want and how to get there. When I look back at where I started this journey, the difference in how I think has made me different in how I look at the world.

The results are in! By keeping an open mind, not giving opinions and being an observer, the nuggets of success have been in front of me all the time. I see the path of opportunity and making the choice to act has been automatic. Well, almost automatic, but I must do my due diligence to ensure that this growth opportunity is in line with my PPNs and DMP. The destination is still the same as I vision in my DMP, I am just looking at a better way to get there that works for me.

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  • The nuggets have always been deep inside you. Observe through your heart and you will know where to go.

  • It has been a true pleasure reading your blog posts thru the MKE. And I couldn’t agree more: “the difference in how I think has made me different in how I look at the world”. God job, Michael!

  • The world is your oyster Michael and it is amazing that you are seeing opportunities open up to you. It will be awesome to see where you end up in the future. You’ve got this!

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