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Happy St. Patrick’s Day all.

I’ve kind of been blanking out this week. Like everything is going in slow motion and I’m not super motivated. Yesterday I was on the sofa all day watching murder shows. I got the basics done like the GS, MKE read… actually I think that’s it!

One thing I’ve been consistent with is focusing on my goal, and just doing that makes me happy and positive and finally I have something to look forward to! I think I’ve been lazing around waiting for Saturday when my friend is coming over to help me buy the basics for my recording studio …. MY RECORDING STUDIO ..aaaaaaahhhhhhh !

That was on my DMP btw. Also I have been meeting like minded people in the music business. I’m excited for the weekend and next week! Monday I’m doing the silence thing and I posted a question in general discussion alliance and asked for any tips.

Starting to see and accept that life is incremental and patience, connecting and planning is truly a virtue!! Also accepting that it’s ok to be completely out of control. That’s where God is I believe, by experience also.

Less afraid to go there. I’m loving the posts from my MKE alliance about their latest assessments.. I guess 26 is the magic number for some of us. I knew my latest assessment test would have improved because I could only go up from where I was emotionally, physically and spiritually.

I felt guilty for not thinking like the everyone around me for most of my life, but I kept fighting no matter how I felt. Fundamentally I knew there was something special to learn while alive. I’m terrified and so grateful at the same time.

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  • Hi Laura, Good job getting one thing accomplished on your DMP. That is always exciting. A recording studio…sounds like fun.

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