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I realized that I needed to disconnect to reconnect with myself. Sometimes you need to disconnect from a situation in order to reconnect with what is important for you. It may be easy at times to go down this rabbit hole and be fixated on things that don’t serve you.

At times if you are in a situation that doesn’t serve, and you are unable to change your mindset, taking time away may be the most helpful solution. A change in scenery may help. This may be in the form of a few minutes, a few hours or a few days. We forget that at times we have our history that holds us back. And this is not where we want to be or that we want to be held back but sometimes this is where we are.

Taking the time away at times gives the opportunity to reflect and re-center ourselves. Perhaps further in the process we can make a different choice but as the old saying goes “You are, where you are.” So it is important to recognize where you are at.

Remember that at times moving forward requires a sideways step. This is something that we do in martial arts. In regular life we think a step forward or a step backward but a step sideways is just as valuable. And doing something completely different can help. So, take the time you need, if you find yourself stuck, and walk away.

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  • Suzette, I love how you shared about sidesteps is also part of moving forward. Great insight! It’s so true that taking time out of our regular routine to reflect and re-centering ourselves is a great practice.

  • Your post reminds me of something, Suzette. “No matter where you go, there you are.” Good to see you finishing strong! 🙂

  • I appreciate your insights Suzette. Being the objective, nonjudgemental observer to become aware of where we are in the present- so valuable. Then to keep in mind we always have the option to take a “side-step” and see our situation from a new perspective. Thanks for the inspiration!

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