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I organized my first event in a very long time yesterday. I invited a friend to talk about a crypto project that he is very excited about.

I asked him probably a month ago and we created an event on FB and then I didn’t hear anything from him until a couple of days ago. He simply didn’t answer my mails and I got stressed out. There has been an incredible amount of obstacles showing up along the way and I have had more than usual on my plate, but we pulled it all off, despite all the obstacles.

This moment, sitting here writing, I am tired. Extremely tired, exhausted, and content at the same time. No matter how difficult the last couple of weeks have been, I have done most of the things I have promised myself to do with the exception of my MKE commitments. I am ok with that too.

I am responsible for the sheep and the chickens and the whole farm for a couple of weeks. I have a new guest staying here with me and I have spent a lot of time teaching him the routines. He has helped me with the farm, the event and tons of other things. We have worked hard, learned a lot, and had a great time together.

And yes, I did not do my reading and sitting the last couple of days. It annoyed me a little bit earlier today, but I have forgiven myself now.

We got a lot done and I am excited about what is to come. The air is filled with magic. The sunsets and walks in Nature have been out of this world. A new world is waking up in front of our eyes.

In just an hour the webinar for week 23 is on. I know I will get loads of inspiration and energy just from that and tomorrow is a brand new day. It is going to be the best day of my life and I am the world’s greatest salesperson.

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  • Yes, thank you, Joan. Every day is a new chapter of the Divine Adventure. The Dream keeps on unfolding in ways I could have never fathomed. I can actually do the things I thought were only for others. The ones that started practicing as children… I could just let myself be that child I was never allowed to be… hmm… what if… proceeding slowly, and with curiosity… 😊

  • Hi Ann-Charlotte, It sounds like you have accomplished a lot this week….And you have shown yourself grace for some of the things that didn’t get done. And I see that you are embracing the new day. Excellent.

  • Thanks, Arlene. We are getting lots done and I have started singing while working. A great sign! 😀

  • Yes. Ann-Charlotte, a little annoyance is fine, just as long as the air is filled with magic! 🙂

  • “The air is filled with magic.” I love that! Good for you for giving yourself credit for what you DID do, and moving forward to do more.

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