MKE Week 22a – The Day that turned my Life around

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The day that turned my life around is when I realized that the Future YOU and the Current YOU are the same person! My mind is already there. I have become the mental giant that is in me. It is expressed in my habits, in my walk, in how I hold myself and how I think. It is expressed in my confidence, my hand shake, my smile, in being who God made and transferring that energy to others.

I just got off of one of the most emotion evoking conferences I have ever been at. This was the first time in 31 years of the company that the CEOs wife had to take his place because of his sudden death last August. I have never felt more grief for another person in my life.

The other thing that I realized was we all can rise to the occasion if called. For this entire journey in this business J.R.’s (the CEO) words had always promoted belief as the best product. Without it nothing happens. We all have the capacity to get it in no matter what we do in life. He has just created a vehicle for us to reach our goals. The DASH is real and I am not taking it for granted anymore.

This got me thinking on my calling, on my purpose, on what I am pretending not to BE! I am meant to do this business. I am meant to touch people’s souls with the thoughts of knowing that they can break free and follow their dreams. I do have to succeed so that others can realize their dreams. I do want to be the first self made millionaire in my family. Not because of the money or the things I can buy, but to show others that anything is possible through Christ.

Think of the kind of world it would be if more people were freed up to do their passion. We are meant to design a life, not just make a living. I am 100% committed to myself!

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  • Inspiring blog Heather! “I am 100% committed to myself” Beautiful! Bravo for giving yourself permission to fully embrace your Hero’s Journey…and by doing so being a living example for others.

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