MKE Week 22a – Silence? I have not ruled it out

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I have not completed the silence exercise … yet. When I mentioned the idea at the dinner table, I was shocked that the hubby wanted to do it with me! How cool is that?! So it’s definitely something that will be booked.

The thought of a life not checking emails, answering calls, texting, messaging; having the phone vibrate, beep, buzz, chime – sounds wonderful and I vaguely remember those days about 18 years ago (2005 and before).

Things were so much calmer (of course I was in a different career as well – one that when I finished with my last client of the day, it was me time. I didn’t own a blackberry, and I rarely turned on my computer. I checked my answering machine when I remembered. lol.

Part of my DMP is to live 6 months out of every year in Florida on or before Jan 1, 2028. I can see it, touch it, feel it in my mind and I’m smiling. The heat, the sunshine, the calmness, the palm trees, the water, the golf carts, the motorcycling, the peace. A colleague in place to take care of all my real estate deals and only checking my phone for 30 minutes/day for options trading – which is fun for me – and then back to doing whatever we feel like that day. 🙂

Bring back 2005. Until then, I have the exercise to complete.

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  • It is so great that your husband has been on board with your MKE journey from the beginning. Please share your experience once it gets scheduled.

  • Thank you for sharing your DMP, Loriann! I would love to read about your silence experience when it is completed.

  • Loriann, as you know the #MKE way of making dreams come true, is to feel as if you’re already there; and I think you accomplished that, because you made me feel as if I was there! 🙂

  • Love the sense of anticipation of great things coming that you share, Loriann. Thank you for putting this together. I’m anxious to read what happens after your silence!

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